About Us
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Anneewakee Archery was established in
March of 2005 by John Dill. In my younger
days I enjoyed hunting and fishing along the
Anneewakee Creek in Douglas County
Georgia. I have always had a passion for
traditional archery. This stemmed from the
rich Native American culture on our family
farm from years past and from my father who
bowhunted in the 60s and 70s. After many
years of using a variety of traditional archery
equipment. We felt there was a need for a
line of high quality bow quivers that were
functional yet beautiful in every detail. With
this idea in mind, we set out to produce the
best bow quiver on the market today. We
have also produced a line of Kanati
accessories that will complement your desire
for high quality traditional archery
equipment. Our business is operated by
folks who always look for a better way to
serve our customers. Our team of craftsmen
will strive to make the very best product we
can. We look forward to doing business with