Brick Kitchen Knives
Copyright Anneewakee Archery Kanati Quiver 2012
When it comes to cutlery
theirs no finer knife for the
hunter than Brick Kitchen
Knives. Built and backed by
custom knife maker Horace
Shirley. These knives sport a
high carbon tool steel blade
for ultimate strength and
ease of sharpening. Handles
are made from Cocobolo on
our Hunter model and
phenolic on our Expedition

The Hunter is a handy knife
that can handle any game
cleaning task. At an overall
length of 8 inches, it will fit
your hand well.

The Expedition is designed
for all chores from camping,
hunting to far expeditions.
Its overall length of 10
inches will serve you in any

All Brick Kitchen Knives
come with a tooled leather
The Hunter
The Expedition
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