Kanati Angle Bow Quiver (Pro Hood)
Kanati Angle Bow Quiver

Is offered in a 4, or 5 arrow bow quiver designed for
traditional bowhunter’s looking for a compact bow quiver with
infinite adjustment and the ability to store arrows angled away
from front of bow.

One piece design. Can be easily removed by unfastening the
proven fast deployment straps.

Center bar adjust for most all riser lengths.

Works on laminated recurves and longbows

The Kanati Angle Bow Quiver can be mounted in 3 ways
(specify which model needed when purchasing)

The Kanati Angle FDS: B1
Uses our high grade UV resistant “Fast Deployment Straps” for solid
mounting on your bow and easy quiver removal.

The Kanati Angle Side Mount: B2
Can also be used as a side mount bow quiver with available 10-24 or ¼-20
side mount thumb screws.

Kanati Angle Limb Bolt B3
Mounts to special limb bolt brackets for those who prefer the solid limb bolt
mount (see pics below).

Mounts to traditional bow riser and will not affect limb

Fine grade leather hood with classic hand stitching. Center
bar constructed of a tough powder coated aircraft aluminum
bar. All parts precision cut by stamp dies, hydro cutters and
hand assembled with the utmost care. Metal hood insert
protects hood from accidental broadhead penetration.

3 different size arrow grippers available to accommodate any
arrow size.

Our special hood foam is long lasting and is marked for easy
arrow placement

All Kanati bow quivers are stamped with our intricate
designed company logo the “Anneewakee Turtle Logo” which
represents quality, longevity and our belief in God and family.

Quiver weight: 7.5oz.
Copyright Anneewakee Archery Kanati Quiver 2012
Ryan Rottharr's Elk / Kanati Angle Bow Quiver
Kanati Angle Pro
Limb Bolt Option
Kanati Angle FDS model
Straps on any bow fast
and easy!!!
Matt Smith with his awesome Buck!!!
Kanati Angle Pro Strap On
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