Q. How do I install my Kanati Bow Quiver?

Q. What does “Kanati” mean?
A. Kanati is a Cherokee Indian word that means “Hunter”. An old Cherokee legend of
ancient times told of a Cherokee Hunter who was skilled at the lore of bowhunting.

Q. What is the meaning of the Anneewakee Archery Turtle Logo on every Kanati?
Bow Quiver?
A. All Kanati Bow Quivers are stamped with our intricate designed company logo the
“Anneewakee Turtle Logo” which represents quality, longevity and our belief in God
and family.

Q. What bows will the Kanati Bow Quivers fit?
A.  All Kanati Bow Quivers are made to fit most all modern laminated traditional
recurves and longbows.

Q. What is the Kanati Quiver made of?
A. All parts of the Kanati Bow quivers are made from the finest hand selected leathers.
Hand stitched leather quiver hoods are one of our defining feature that defines the
essence of tradition. All hardware is made of stainless steel and brass for durability.

Q. Are Kanati Bow Quivers a one piece or two piece design?
A. We have designed a bow quiver for both styles to meet all your needs in a traditional
bow quiver. Both quivers use our innovative mounting system.

Q Can the Kanati Bow Quiver be removed without unstringing my bow.
A. Yes. Depending on which model quiver you choose. Our “Kanati Kant Kreep”mounting
system on the Kanati Pro bow Quiver or the “Fast Deployment Strap” mounting used with the
Kanati Angle Bow Quiver all have the ability to be removed from the bow quickly
with no hassles of unstringing, no loud velcro or long cumbersome straps to deal

Q. Will the Kanati Bow quiver offset the way my bow shoots?
A.  It has been our experience from use and customer feedback that Kanati Bow Quivers have helped
balance bows better since they are more centered between the bow handle and
bowstring. And since our bow quiver is light weight and our mounting system uses rubber contact points, the quiver essentially dampens bow
vibrations for a smoother shooting more stable bow. We
designed the Kanati Bow quiver with compactness in mind so that quiver weight is
kept to a minimum.

Q. Can the mounting straps be replaced on the Kanati Bow Quivers?
A. Our rubber straps are made from a UV resistant rubber for long life. They can be
purchased at your Kanati Bow Quiver dealer or directly from us at Anneewakee

Q. How many arrows will my Kanati Bow quiver hold?
A. We currently offer a 4, or 5 arrow option.

Q Will the Kanati arrow gripper fit my arrow shafts?
A. Yes. We make 3 different size arrow grippers to fit most all popular arrow sizes. All
can be purchased from your local Kanati Bow Quiver dealer or directly from us at
Anneewakee Archery.

Q Can the hood foam be replaced after it is worn out?
A.Yes. We use a special high density closed cell foam for long durability. After a season
of broadhead wear your hood foam may need to be replaced. Precut replacement hood  
foam can be purchased from your local Kanati Bow Quiver dealer or directly from us
at Anneewakee Archery. Hood foam installation instructions can be viewed on our
instructions page.

Q. What colors can I get my Kanati Bow Quivers in?
A. See product page for pictures of our color options.

Q. What is the benefit of the new Kanati Angle Bow Quiver?
A. With normal bow quivers your arrows protrude out in front of your bow. With the Kanati Angle Bow Quiver. You now have the option of “angling” your
arrows toward the inner limb of your bow. This keeps your arrows in profile with your bow while keeping them out of your way while hunting. Another
benefit of the Kanati Angle is the fact that it works well on all length traditional bows, even bows as short as 48 inches. With the popularity of hunting
blinds. Short traditional bows have become popular. In the case of short bows, due to length, some bow quivers won’t allow normal length arrows
since they will protrude below the bottom limb. Using the Kanati Angle eliminates this problem. With its adjust ability you can adjust the quiver to
keep normal length arrows in short bows.

The Kanati Angle Bow Quiver can be mounted in two configurations. The first method of attachment uses our innovative Fast Deployment Straps so
that your quiver can be mounted to most any laminated recurve or longbow. Another benefit of using the Kanati Angle with our Fast Deployment
Straps is the ability to remove your quiver from your bow without having to unstrap your quiver. To remove it’s as simple as turning two thumb nuts.
The second mounting configuration requires the use of available side mount thumb screws for those who have side mount bushings installed on
their bow.

Q. What if my Kanati Pro quiver slips while mounted on the bow?
A. With our "Kanati Kanat Kreep" mounting system we have eliminated most slipping issues associated with bow quiver slippage. In the occurance
that it happens from installation errors or poor fit. Un-fasten straps make sure quiver mounting surface is clean. Cleaning with alcohol may help.
Make sure quiver mounting point is pushed directly (toward grip) to thicker bow limb fadeout area and rubber strap is tightly secured. See mounting
instructions page.

Q. What if my arrows are sliding out of hood or quiver arrow gripper?
A. Insure that the rubber arrow gripper on the quiver base is holding arrows securely. If not you may
need to go to a smaller arrow gripper. Three size grippers are offered for different
arrow diameters. Contact your Kanati Bow Quiver Dealer for additional arrow grippers
or contact us directly to purchase a new size gripper.

Q. Where can I purchase a Kanati Bow Quiver?
A. A Kanati Bow Quiver can be purchased from an Authorized Kanati Bow Quiver
retailer or directly from us at Anneewakee Archery. If ordering directly from
Anneewakee Archery we require orders placed via phone. Phone orders allow us to  
better handle the custom nature of the Kanati quivers and to give you that personal service you deserve.

Q Are dealer or distributor inquiries welcome?
A. Absolutely! We are interested in outstanding archery retail establishments looking for
high quality traditional bow quivers and accessories. We want to
fulfill your traditional archery needs.

Q.  How do we ship your products?
A.  We use USPS Priority Mail, USPS Priority Mail International and UPS C.O.D Shipping .

Q. What payment methods does Anneewakee Archery accept.
A. Domestic payments: Visa, Mastercard, American express, Discover, Paypal
International Payments: Visa, Mastercard, American express, Discover,  Paypal
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