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With normal bow quivers your arrows protrude out in front of your bow.
With the Kanati Angle Bow Quiver. You now have the option of
“angling” your arrows toward the inner limb of your bow. This keeps
your arrows in profile with your bow while keeping them out of your way
while hunting. Another benefit of the Kanati Angle is the fact that it
works well on all length traditional bows, even bows as short as 48
inches. With the popularity of hunting blinds. Short traditional bows
have become popular. In the case of short bows, due to length, some
bow quivers won’t allow normal length arrows since they will protrude
below the bottom limb. Using the Kanati Angle eliminates this problem.
With its adjust ability you can adjust the quiver to keep normal length
arrows in short bows.

The Kanati Angle Bow Quiver can be mounted in two configurations. The
first method of attachment uses our innovative Fast Deployment Straps
so that your quiver can be mounted to most any laminated recurve or
longbow. Another benefit of using the Kanati Angle with our Fast
Deployment Straps is the ability to remove your quiver from your bow
without having to unstrap your quiver. To remove it’s as simple as
turning two thumb nuts. The second mounting configuration requires
the use of available side mount thumb screws for those who have side
mount bushings installed on their bow.
You may ask yourself why we think we have designed the perfect bow
quiver. Here at Anneewakee Archery we wanted a bow quiver to meet
the many demands of bowhunters worldwide. Read on to understand the
many features of this bow quiver designed by a bowhunter for
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