With the many types of traditional bows on the market. We saw a
need for a fast and beautifully crafted hunting recurve. This bow
had to be built with high quality materials with no short cuts taken.
Anneewakee Archery is proud to team with Bowyer Bill Dunn. Bill
and I disscused all design elements that we would like to see built
into a fast ILF hunting recurve. Together we came up with what we
believe is the perfect hunting bow. The Anneewakee Addiction
Recurve comes standard in 58 AMO and 60 AMO overall lengths.
With a shorter riser and longer reflexed ILF working limbs, this bow
develops high speed with no stacking. The current models include
our base model using a shadow grey impregnated maple riser with
black glass, maple core ILF limbs. All Addictions are fast flight
capable and come standard with a D10 SBD string with silencers
installed, a rest and strike plate, a bow sock, and a bow stringer. RH
and LH bows available. See our custom options below when
Recurve custom options include:
  • Shadow grey riser or hunter brown riser
  • Medium or Long Limbs
  • ILF Takedown
  • Antler limb bolt upgrade
  • Quiver combo upgrade
When ordering an Addiction Recurve we ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit. Once deposit is recieved. Your order will
be processed at disscused waiting period. A 2 year warranty to original owner comes with each bow. 100% coverage for
first year and 50% the following year as long as returned and inspected bow shows no alterations, abuse and neglect.
Warranty void if arrows under 8 grains per pound (bow weight) are used. Shipping will be done via USPS Priority mail or via
USP ground.

Recurve Brace height 56-60 AMO  8-8.5 inches from throat of grip
Copyright Anneewakee Archery Kanati Bow Quiver 2012
The Addiction ILF "The Shadow Series"
Ordering and Warranty
Addiction ILF Recurve (Base model) Grey or Brown riser, contrasting limb tip , black glass limbs      $695

Call or email to discuss additional custom options.
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